A teddy’s Sukkos

Since Guliver Beal arrived, we’ve had Yom Kippur and the first days of Sukkos, and mostly Guliver Beal and the hug have been watching us, and enjoying the meals we’ve had at home. Lily is less worried about everyone else’s state of clothing since I improvised a nice silky boa for her, which she considers very stylish indeed.
Lily in silky boa

Today is the first day of Chol Hamoed, however, so we went out into London. We didn’t take any photos on the tube, but we got one on the bus.
Guliver made lots of friends out and about today, from a dragon:
Guliver with a London dragon.
to the cashier in Accessorise when I bought a couple of shawl pins
Shawl pin on Seraphina's shawl. He also expressed great interest in the Kindertransport memorial.
Kindertransport memorial at Liverpool Street Station

It was such a lovely day that we came home to let Guliver sit in my little sukka:
Guliver in the sukkaclose-up of Guliver in the sukka

Now that Guliver’s fame has been justly acknowledged, nay encouraged, it’s time for my own: I’ve somehow been mentioned twice in three weeks on Getting Loopy, so obviously you should all go listen! Actually, if you’re a crocheter it’s a great listen, with nothing to do with me. It’s actually an online radio show (A warning: this link automatically starts playing the show out loud.), but I get the podcast, seeing as it’s on Monday evenings at a time that’s the middle of the night for me. I heartily recommend entering the contests (really a draw) in each episode – I’ve just won my second prize, and will be showing it off once it arrives!

Hmmmm… No, just join the hundreds (thousands?) of listeners, and leave the prizes for the roughly thirty of us who enter every week! 😉


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