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End of a year

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The last month or two of my first year blogging have really been rather quiet on my part, and now is my chance to at least write up all the books of this year of counting. 320 is quite a satisfactory total, by most reckonings, I believe, and though I might not work hard at beating, or even matching, it next year, I’m sure I can get to at least 200 without trying. That’s just how I read.

Got called away – it’ll be tomorrow. Happy New Year!



Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Reginald in bright jacket
I’m still blaming lack of access to my own computer and camera, but thought I should throw up a couple of pics I did manage to obtain. The one above is of Reginald actually not being stroppy in his new jacket (I don’t seem to be able to stop using this yarn, even though the 1mm hook is driving me mad – I’m finally actually working on my mother’s belt, although I don’t have any pictures of that yet).

He arrived with Holzmichel about three weeks ago, as Travelling Teddies, but HM has now gone on to his next destination, and Lotus has arrived to take his place. Reg will follow at the end of this week, and Lotus should be with us until the next, during which time I’ll get a pic of her for you.
Light brown bears rule!