Picture update

Inspired by one of Jinniver‘s posts last week, recapping the various visits she’s had from Travelling Teddies, I thought I should catch you up on various photos, especially those of my visiting teddies.

R's belt
This is my mother’s belt, that was supposed to be for Chanuka, except that I lost the 1mm hook! I have got another one now, and it is a few centimetres longer, but still nowhere close to belt length.

French Twist
My great flatmate took me off to a fancy hairdresser for my birthday and this is the partial result.

Mr T on the tube
Mr T, my latest teddy visitor, on the day he arrived.

Crazy Cloth potholders and Knitpicks crochet hook
For my birthday and chanuka presents my brother took himself off to the LYS and bought me a Knit Picks Harmony crochet hook, which is beautiful, and works like a dream, as it’s perfectly smooth. Obviously I had to put it to practise straight away, but the only yarn I had available then was some cheap cotton, so I decided to make us some more pot-holders/dish-cloths, as we use the last ones I made all the time. I just finished the fourth one today, actually, so need to come up with a new commuting project that can fit into my raincoat pocket.
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted
He also got me a yarn voucher, and he and my mother helped me choose this Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted to make myself another shawl. I’ve been wearing the Seraphina’s Shawl I made last spring all the time, and thought another would be just as useful, if I make it in colours to go with other sections of my wardrobe (ie blues). That one was from alpaca (in undyed beige and browns) my mother gave me last year, so having this one be from my brother will be good.

Cloth purse and phone holder
Back in London, in January, there was a secret swap at the local yarn wrangling group, and I received these great cloth bags.

Mr T reading about Billy Blood Drop
Before Mr T moved on to his next host, he came with me to the Blood Donor Centre to donate platelets, and was given a book about giving blood to read while I was there. Unfortunately I failed the iron test by one point (extra frustrating since the level required was five points lower, so I’d have passed that with flying colours!) so have been put off for three months.


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