Snow Day!

Snowy back balcony

You can’t see the flurries, but it’s actually still snowing quite hard. I’m off work (can’t get there unless I walk for hours, and it’s closed now), so can do some masters work. This is a whole lot of snow for London, and apparently it’s only going to get worse later.

10. Eragon by Christopher Paolini

I’m rereading this and its sequel, as I just got the third in what is now apparently going to be more than a trilogy. It’s better than I remembered, but what I’m actually noticing now is how much Paolini’s writing had improved by the second book! Still, I haven’t finished so amn’t reviewing that one yet.

Eragon is the story of one boy’s adventures with his dragon, in a situation where the known world is rearranging itself around them, whereas the second opens up to what else is happening in that world. It’s a romp, where time passes but is largely skipped over from one adventure to the next. (I have no problem with that – I prefer it to pretending time doesn’t need to pass.)


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