Crochet comes into everything…

Today’s inspiration/instruction is up, and I have a picture of what I came to for yesterday’s. It is definitely worth checking out those of other people (mostly on Ravelry), as there are some really beautiful creations already.
Red circle, with lacy 'tongue', bordered by pale mauve petals

And it really is time I told you about some of the books I’ve been reading this year again. The first I actually read a couple of weeks ago, but it has crochet in it, so it certainly ties in here.

11. Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by Heather Wardell

Go follow that link, because HW has made this book free to read in PDF format, and it’s good. The book begins with Candice and her husband Ian separating temporarily at the local airport, for him to work on a month long project, and for her to work out what has been going wrong between them. This isn’t necessarily a genre I would have picked up in a shop, but I enjoyed the book, and Candice’s thought processes, and how we get a good sense of how she fills her time (with work, friends, her cat, polar bears and crochet), without having to hear every minute of it! (Sorry – this book is about 250 pages long, and tells the whole story very satisfactorily, and I’m still frustrated by some of the unnecessarily long novels I’ve read lately.) Of course there are unforeseen upsets and moral quandaries, life changes, and a bit of beautiful crochet.


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One Response to “Crochet comes into everything…”

  1. Heather Says:

    Thank you! I have worked on not telling every last minute of everything (because I get annoyed reading that as well) so I’m glad that worked for you.

    Happy crocheting!


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