Not missing days

The Game instructions have been going up on time, but I missed out on posting a blog entry yesterday, due to running late to get to work in the morning, and since I went to the Knitting Etc group straight from work, so that by the time I actually got home I wasn’t up to much more than cooking and eating a late supper.

Anyway, by Tuesday my own game project had gained crab claws:
NatCroMo 2009 back of project with 2 claws

By Wednesday she had become a little character in my head, and had taken up either skipping or dowsing – I haven’t decided which!
NatCroMo 2009 holding thick grey 'rope' with red bow

Quite a few other people are blogging their own projects, and I’ll aim to link to them tonight when (I hope) I get to show you tonight’s update. And now I’d better get going for work today!

PS I got up to halfway on my mother’s belt, presuming I’ve remembered her preferred length correctly!
Half Belt


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