Crocheting in Jerusalem

Here, then, is the crochet I’ve been doing in the last couple of months, since arriving in my new home. It’s nearly all cotton, and all (including the hooks) bought from a little shop in the city that my DH found while we were engaged. I did, in fact, keep one half done project in my luggage the entire journey through four countries and three continents. It’s still in its bag…

Since I wasn’t online for much of the time since we arrived, I don’t have proper details of most of the projects (like hook sizes used or yarn details), but what I do remember is in my Ravelry projects. They are mostly things I felt we needed in the flat. In no particular order…

A sheep’s head for our Rosh Hashana table:
Crocheted sheep's head in variegated browns and white

One of several potholders I made, in front of one my SIL made several years ago, that my DH has been using ever since. It’s lovely, but we needed more! Also multiple tea towels (all but one returned to the cupboard after I took the picture) I crocheted hanging loops onto this evening. I don’t like such things falling on the floor.
crocheted kitchen items

The edging for a handkerchief I still have to get…
turquoise variegated deep lace edging

Hm, the next one would be a gift, and seeing as this blog is now copying to my Facebook page, the recipient might see this entry, so I’ll stall for now. Ravelers can see it here.

One of the cottons I got was this pretty variegated red and green, so I decided to play with the basketweave stitch pattern from the dishcloths and make a triangular tichel. It’s between an isosceles and equilateral triangle (ie the sides aren’t straight) in an attempt to reduce bulk, but that still wasn’t enough in this thick a fabric, so I haven’t worn this out of the house (it’s also heavy) yet, but I’ll work something out with it.
basketweave crochet in red and green

Next up are some bits and pieces for the bathroom. First a small pad for applying toner to my face:
Crochet circle
Next a washcloth/scrubber (and I promise, those marks on the tiles have been scrubbed at – though not with this!):
Crochet hyperbolic plane
And a hanging basket to hold a spare toilet roll without risking it falling anywhere wet. I did most of this in the dark one night when my DH was asleep, but I wasn’t getting so. I didn’t keep the hook with it, and when I went to finish it a day or two later evidently chose a smaller one, which is all to the good, as it pulled the top in, which prevents spillage.
Crochet netting

That’s most of the crochet I’ve done since getting married, but there is one more picture I have to show you. This is the first thing I saw out of my window, the first morning we were in America, and is scary, in my opinion. Every single person we met there was lovely, but this was still strange…
We sell guns! No ID required. No background checks. Criminals and terrorists welcome!


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4 Responses to “Crocheting in Jerusalem”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    It’s all BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE cotton yarn, and yeah, it can be heavy, can’t it? I still think the tichel is GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. kaet Says:

    Thanks Sandi – I really appreciate it!

  3. probablyjane Says:

    Lovely projects. Very inspiring since I am now officially a Crocheter too!

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