I very specifically didn’t make a fuss over doing (or trying to do) NaBloPoMo yesterday or the day before, and I wasn’t going to today, either, but it is inspiring me, and I want to keep that. Basically, I do want to get all the few books I have read this year referred to, and if it encourages me to read and crochet more as well, then that’s all to the good. Actually, I wanted to do a second post yesterday, but thought I’d leave it for today.

35. Reb Shlomo: The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld by Rabbi Yisroel Besser

This book, of course, was a real inspiration. I was recommended to it by a good friend and mentor who had had regular opportunities to be inspired by R’ Freifeld in person, and we both had the pleasure of finding the book as well written and interesting as one would hope any biography might be (but too few, unfortunately, are). As another reviewer has written, beyond his all round greatness in the Jewish context, it was his care and understanding for and of the people of his time and place that made him stand out. Someone we could all try to emulate, in our own spheres.

36. The Lost Daughter by Esther Heller

A Jewish novel with a vaguely plausible storyline, reasonable-ish reactions. Sorry – I don’t think I disliked it, but not one I’d be racing to reread. Good for once through, if you like the Jewish light mysteries.

And now I should go read more of the Jewish books I’m currently in. Haven’t done any of that yet today.


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