Aggravating slowness

My laptop is being wretchedly slow, I’m dithering about what decorations to put on my husband’s tallit bag, we have wedding thank-yous to write, and those and belated birthday gifts to post, I’m nowhere near finishing any of the books I’m reading, and I’m generally wishing certain things would hurry themselves up.

I think this isn’t the best attitude to be blogging in.

We did find a shop selling yarn last night (acrylic and cotton only, which is par for the course here, so far as I’ve seen), so got a bit, until it became really clear the man was waiting to close for the night, which is why I began the tallit bag today. I’m doing it in tapestry crochet, and I have my DH’s name charted (in Hebrew for one side, and English for the other), but wanted something small in at least one corner on each side, but haven’t found what we like yet. Any ideas?

I’ll get back to the books tomorrow, בע”ה.


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