Game Boards

I’m working on my second design of a board for a classic but lesser known board games. (And no, I have no intention of doing a chess/draughts board. There are plenty of those available, and it’s pretty easy to work out anyway.) The first one is fully designed on paper (with chart and row descriptions), but I still don’t have the yarn for it. The second I’m working on a chart for, to be done in tapestry crochet (using the special graph paper Carol Ventura made available on Ravelry. As and when I’ve used (and thus tested) both patterns I plan to put them up here on the blog.

Have I mentioned that my DH is a board game fan? He’s introduced me to lots of classic abstract games, as well as some more modern games. I’m thinking of writing about some of them here, presuming I run out of the books I’ve read this year before the end of the month.

I’m sorry, I should be getting on with the books, but I have a book I’m proofreading that’s under an important time limit, plus I’m working on that game chart.


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