So, the flood

I am shocked to realise the flood was nearly two weeks ago, now. Which I shouldn’t be, as it only took us till the Friday after to get the place mostly sorted, and it’s been looking good for about a week now.

On the Tuesday morning, as I was getting ready I could hear heavy rainfall, which wasn’t that surprising. It wasn’t until I got into the front room (about ten minutes before we intended to go out, that I realised the water was flowing inside the apartment, not outside, all over some of the nicest, biggest game boxes, and the biggest, bulkiest dictionaries (ie the things shelved on top of the two bookshelves affected). I screamed for my DH, and started pulling those out of the way, while he went for the bucket, but we quickly realised we’d have to empty both bookcases entirely, and move them, if possible.

The water was coming down really fast, concentrated along a beam helpfully directly above the length of one bookcase, and the side of the other. (Fast enough to fill a decent sized bucket halfway in ten minutes, so we kept having to swap it with our larger saucepans.) Between pulling things off shelves, swapping containers full of water, and desperately trying to get hold of the people upstairs (also our landlords), we were very very busy for the next hour or so. (No time for photos, although there are some later of the aftermath and clean-up.)

bedroom piled up with books and games

bookcase in kitchen, books on stoveheater on, surrounded by bucketsFinally, we got through on the phone, the lady upstairs could get home and stop the waterfall, and the panic-work came to an end. By then, we had books and games piled up everywhere, a bookcase in our tiny kitchen (we ate out for two days), and the heaters on for the first time this winter, to help dry out books, games, and furniture!

computer and stuff in the bookshelvesIt took two days to get the bookcases dried, moved, and refilled (we took advantage of having to move the lighter one to place it differently, to try to create more room for my things which are supposed to be arriving this week or next), during which everything we wanted to use had to find a new place, and then another day to buy and have delivered some small plastic chests of drawers so that we could have somewhere to put all those bits and pieces that build up.bookshelves, and blue drawers with Shabbat stuff on and in One of the two bigger ones has my yarn stash and current crochet projects in it (I hope my DH realises it is NOT going to be sufficient once the rest of the stash arrives), and I like the top section having a lift up place for pens, as it works just as well for crochet hooks!

full plastic chests of drawers

fiction shelves: general on top, science fiction/fantasy belowWe had to contract our living room table (we had it extended to allow for board games) and move it into the centre of the room, but for now the kitchen has as much room as is possible (not that much), we can get to sleep without climbing over our books (which are newly fully arranged by category, if mostly not yet alphabetised), and we can still both sit at the table while both clothes racks are up (just catching up from the laundry we couldn’t get to do during the clear-up, including all the wet and dirty towels used to mop up the flood). Thankfully the water that came down was all clean, and we took the opportunity to clean the floor under the bookcases while they were out of the way, but with the building work we had a whole lot of dust and dirt to clean off everything.

So all in all, ב”ה it wasn’t much worse. We proved we’re a good team when it comes to unexpected hard work, we got to rearrange things in preparation for my stuff coming, only a few books got wet and those all dried with no sticking pages, none of the games got wet inside, and only two show outer box damage. We even got to save our upstairs neighbours worse damage by alerting them to the flood in their apartment.

Six months in, and we definitely have reason to be pleased with our marriage! (Six Jewish months on Friday afternoon, and six civil months in a few days.)


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2 Responses to “So, the flood”

  1. Jennie Says:

    We had a flood like this a few years ago, in the middle of the night. I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and realised that while my window was on my right, the rainfall was to my left. Our hall, kitchen, lounge and bathroom were pouring water through various holes.

    I’m glad that you’ve got more or less back to normal. It would have been awful for the clean up to have lasted much longer.

  2. jolene Says:

    What a hassle – glad to hear the damage wasn’t so bad. Imagine how worse it would have been if you weren’t at home!

    In an apartment in Boston, the upstairs neighbor left a faucet on and flooded his place. It didn’t pour into my place, but the plaster on the ceiling fell off.It happened so suddenly – one minute I’m sitting eating my dinner, the next, me and everything around me was covered in a layer of damp white dust. So I guess I was plastered, lol.

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