A really local LYS

So how did I miss it up to last night? Absolutely no idea at all…

To be clear, this place is absolutely next door to one of the three supermarkets we use (and probably the one we use most often – one other’s next to the post office, so convenient when we go there, and the third has some things the others don’t) and at 90 degrees from the entrance, so RIGHT THERE. My only excuse is that they also sell hats, and those are more prominently displayed outside.

So leaving the supermarket last night, still slightly frustrated that the pictures in yesterday’s post were being awkward (apologies to anyone who got them on top of each other – this should be sorted now) I happened to glance over and notice balls of yarn hung up outside, so had to go take a look. (It’s not that uncommon for small shops here to have a few balls of cotton and acrylic yarns.)

According to my DH, as soon as I got inside and realised that this was a proper yarn shop, with wool (as well as wool/acrylic mixes), and more than one ball of anything I liked, and even alpaca, I just lit up. Instant mood enhancer!

I was very good, and started (once I’d had a proper look around) with buying cotton for current projects (unfortunately only the ones I can’t tell you about, one being next month’s mystery pattern, and the other a present for someone who might read this) and then they were closing. The gentleman in charge very kindly offered to stay open an extra ten minutes, but I said he didn’t need to. I had what I actually needed for now, and I promised that we live close enough (easy walking distance) that I will be back (regularly)!

I can’t tell you about the projects, but I suppose it won’t hurt to show you the yarn I bought!
5 balls Heela cotton in white, blue and purple, 6 balls Vitalgo Fein Cotton in black and ecru


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4 Responses to “A really local LYS”

  1. newshiny Says:

    It was obviously waiting to show itself until you really needed the mood-enhancement boost!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I love yarn but don’t know how to do a darn thing with it.

  3. rosie Says:

    for us jerusalemites, will you tell where this local treasure is??

    • kaet Says:

      It’s about two minutes from the Tachana Merkazit. Go right out of the main doors and there is a Yesh supermarket up on the right. It’s just by the outer door there.

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