I should be posting my book reviews. Goodness, I should be reading! However, I seem to be in a variety of other fun and interesting places online instead… Ravelry obviously, and Facebook (obviously for those who read this through there, although I amn’t going to link to that profile from WordPress) – not that I’ve been so active on FB lately, and a Jewish site I amn’t going to link to at all. And then today my dear DH got me on to his favourite site, affectionately known as BGG. Let’s see what this little widget of theirs does:

Nothing apparently, as it doesn’t appear to be working (for me at least). It should tell you what board games I’ve played recently, but seeing as I’ve only told it about one so far (Tigris and Euphrates) that isn’t entirely accurate. It’s a beginning however.

Still working on the crochet projects I can’t discuss, and doing some other useful stuff.


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