Still on last year’s books…

Of course, by this date in 2008 I was nearly up to this number already, and here in February 2010 that’s the book number from 2009 I’m up to discussing. Just to confuse things nicely…

58. Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Beth Temple

I’d wanted to get this book since Mary Beth started talking about it on Getting Loopy, and especially since I started hearing good things about it from other crocheters online. I didn’t see my way to getting it until mid-August however, when I came across it in a bookshop while on honeymoon. It was perfect for the short attention spans of honeymoon travelling, as the essays and anecdotes are short, funny, and very true (as a crocheter). It’s a nice quality paperback, too, of a good size for fitting in to hand luggage. Not that that’s among my usual book criteria, but it helped at the time! I read it cover to cover at the time, and likely will again, but it’s also fun to dip into.

59. Fuzzy Bones by William Tuning

This was an alternative end to the Fuzzies trilogy (which I read in total before this one), when it was still thought H. Beam Piper’s original third novel would never be found after his death. It takes quite a different tack from Piper’s, introducing several new characters with outside views of the Fuzzies and what should happen to them from Piper’s Zarathustra humans. Tuning admits far more of the seedier side of life (one of the new characters is introduced in the very first line as a “whore”, although while no-one denies what that means, it isn’t explicitly gone into either) than Piper does, as well as extending his one book over a year or more, where for Piper the whole trilogy takes place over 3-6 months. It definitely works, but I do prefer Piper’s own book.

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