Don’t Give Up

I don’t feel so much like blogging today. But that’s part of the point of NaBloPoMo, isn’t it? To do this as part of a greater goal, and thus stay in a habit I like having. I got something back today that had been missing for four months or more. I did NOT expect to know what ever became of this thing. It was sent from country A to country B five months ago, where it was undeliverable. After a month in country B it was apparently sent on to country C (where we are), but it didn’t arrive, even after another month. There is no indication on the envelope, other than that it was marked with the first delivery attempt in country B being a week after it was sent from country A, and it then being marked for ‘return’ a month later. Where it was for the four months it took to get to our local post office in country C can only be imagined. We are just thankful to have got it back. And I’m glad to be inspired too!

60. Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson

I very rarely read abridged books, but I came across a free audio version of this book via Getting Loopy, where it was highly recommended. I’d still like to read the full book, but haven’t managed to get hold of it. It’s mostly discussing the internet economy, where websites (including blogs like this one), podcasts (like Getting Loopy) and far more make content available for free, often using the services of other sites, programs and content freely provided (like WordPress). The book is about commercial free provision, where economic benefit is to be gained other than via initial subscription, but is also of great interest to those of us who are here for the joy of it. (That’s another reminder to myself!) The audiobook is well read by the author.

61. What Dress Makes of Us by Dorothy Quigley

This is the kind of book (the what-not-to-wear kind) I’d rarely even browse through, and would certainly never buy, and yet I was intrigued at a version from 1897. It’s witty as well as informative (as social history these days, rather than as practical advice, although some of the basics haven’t changed all that much). If you’re listening on a computer (rather than on a portable device while busy with your hands) it’s worth having a browser window to the Gutenberg text, as that includes the pictures, which are referred to regularly.


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