I nearly forgot…

More 2009 books read:

62. The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A good few of the coming books are Librivox versions of books I read (generally many times) as a child and/or teenager. This was one of my favourite FHB novels, in many ways because it’s so much less well-known than A Little Princess (although that one is the favourite), The Secret Garden or Little Lord Fauntleroy. This is far more a ‘boy’s book’ than those, with just one woman (who’s a baddie) who shows up more than once. Unfortunately, listening to it as an adult I couldn’t stop thinking how dozy Marco is about things that should have been obvious (especially for a character usually portrayed as very intelligent), when as a child I think I just ignored that dopiness!

63. Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë

I’m glad I now know this book, but it isn’t going to become a favourite of mine for rereading, I don’t think. Perhaps I’m just in the wrong mood about it now, so long after listening to it, but I know governesses often got mistreated, and I get the picture that they were supposed to work wonders on spoilt brattish children whom they weren’t allowed to discipline in any manner, and I don’t think I want to revisit the story. Agnes isn’t a badly drawn character, but I’d had enough of her teaching experience by the end.


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