Thought provocation

Still on 2009’s books:

65. Bereavement and Disability: Implications for the Therapeutic Encounter by Dr. Elizabeth Kliman

Well, it isn’t available in your bookshops (not yet, anyway, and certainly not in this format), but I’m rather hopeful she will publish at least part of it, as it has some important things to say, that should be reacted to and acted on, both within the therapeutic community (well beyond counselling psychology) and society at large. Learning disabilities do not remove a person’s ability to feel loss, bereavement or any other emotion, and these feelings should be addressed in a timely and respectful manner.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Unfortunately ensuring those disabled by our society are treated with the dignity due to us all is rarely if ever a prestigious role. Not that most of those in the field are specifically looking for prestige. Recognition that it’s an important task, which more than a few should get involved in, might help. In turn, that might help our society to reduce the amount it stigmatises those it designates as disabled in the first place.

(Yes, definitely following the social model of disability here, which Liz introduced me to in those terms. The opinions expressed above are my own, and I’m sure she’ll let me know if they differ too much from hers.)


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One Response to “Thought provocation”

  1. Liz Kliman Says:

    oy!! However- this was only completed due to Kate’s wonderful proofreading – hence her knowing thsi material in such detail!!! Thank you!

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