I’m up to the second-last book from 2009. I really need to read some more for 2010, and crochet more, and stuff like that, but at least the blogging is going better this month…

74. Jailed for Freedom by Doris Stevens

I know a reasonable amount about the women’s suffrage movement in the UK, but I hadn’t really come across any discussion of the movement in the USA (or anywhere else, really), so this was a very interesting book indeed, for both the differences and similarities between the campaigns and what they were actually fighting for and against. This particular book does not in any way claim to be neutral on the topic – Doris Stevens was prominent in the particular fight (picketing of the White House for national, federally mandated women’s suffrage, and its consequences) she describes herein – but she gives enough sources that I would accept most of the facts, with the knowledge that the ‘other side’ might well have represented them differently.

Stevens doesn’t pull too many punches about the politicians who promised support to the cause when it was politically expedient, but then didn’t do much of anything to help. (President Woodrow Wilson is brought up on this charge repeatedly.) She is plain spoken about the rights and wrongs of events discussed, as she saw them. Still, this is historical account as well as well-argued polemic.

It is also generally well-read by the Librivox crew. Since there are several readers, there are bound to be some you’ll like better than others, but none made me outright cringe, so that’s okay. This would make excellent source material for any student of the topic/period, especially school students, since it is very clear and easy to understand, both in content and bias. The general reader/listener is recommended to it as well.


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