Crochet first!

Okay, pics of some of what I’ve made in the last few weeks and months:

First, I can finally show you the baby blanket for my cousin’s first child (a gorgeous little boy – from the pictures, as I haven’t met him yet). This is the blocking shot, but you should be able to see more or less what it looks like.
5-pointed star baby blanket, in stripes/rounds of blue, purple and white

Second, a baby size jacket using up some assorted cottons (much of it leftover from the blanket above). I suddenly realised that baby stuff is small and quick, and thus good practice for the skills needed to make clothing for ME!!!! (And there weren’t any other motivations at all, of course…) I got the cutest little buttons for it, but haven’t sewn them on yet.
vertically striped baby jacket
It’s done sideways, from each cuff, and then joined at the back, and since I didn’t precisely follow the suggested striping I was quite pleased with myself for working things out to get them to match up properly!
back of vertically striped baby jacket

I’m actually working on a second baby cardigan (this one with more seaming and set in sleeves, which latter I haven’t done before), but I’ve neither finished it nor taken pictures, apparently, so more on that later.

I have got pictures of the yarn used in that though, as I’d previously used it to make a new top for a teddy bear my DH has had since childhood. It was a perfect match for Sam’s hat, although I’ve had suggestions that the colour may be a bit harsh/strong for a young child. I suppose we’ll just have to see about that, however!
Sam in all his glory
I improvised the pattern as I went, and it called for some pretty extreme hip shaping, so I’m glad that worked out alright.
Sam's jacket from the back

I’ve also finally used up the yarn from the first jacket I ever made (which I posted about at the time) to make a child sized triangular shawl, but apparently I don’t have pictures of that yet either.

Obviously, I need to catch up on my photography as well as everything else!


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