My lovely DH has apparently got bored of waiting for me to start posting here again, and has decided to go into book-blogging for himself. He’s crafting his first (introductory) post as I type, but I suspect he’ll be interesting. He’s planning on discussing classic literature (in the original languages, where that’s relevant, although he’ll be blogging in English) and Golden Age science fiction.

I’ll let you know when we post about the same books, and hopefully this’ll inspire me to get back to discussing my own reading and crafting. After all, so far dating, engagement, marriage and now pregnancy (did I just admit that?! 😉 ) have been a major distraction from blogging and reading (and even from crafting, although somewhat less so, so it’s about time they started going the other way! Of course, the 2010 booklist is going to be (like last year) less populated than it should be, as I have lost track of some of the books I have read, but we’ll do what we can.

There is a backlog of crafty stuff to let you know about too – mostly crochet (of course!), but also a bit of patchwork/quilting. I’m actually thinking of getting a sewing machine and learning to use it…


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