Wordy turns

Well, my DH is feeling very inspired, so I figure if I write blog posts whenever he does it might actually get me somewhere!

So, to some books. Like last year, with all the phone problems and general blogging delays, I am going to claim (perfectly legitimately, I think), that some books I’ve read have got forgotten, but it definitely isn’t that many…

12. The Scrabble Book by Derryn Hinch

A few months ago we really got into playing Scrabble quite a bit, and then in one of our regular (ie pretty much whenever we pass them) perusals of the local second-hand bookshops we found this book from 1976 (which the author has since expanded and rewritten more than once, so far as I can tell) and had to get it. He interviewed the original creators, developers, manufacturers and early players of the game for a comprehensive and interestingly written history of it, and also has a long section on hints and playing advice. While much of the book is outdated, in that championships have by now long been formalised and so on, it’s a fun and fascinating book, that can be enjoyed by the casual player as well as the budding Scrabble champion. It seems (from what I’ve read online) to still be available in several library systems around the world, and is worth reserving, in my opinion.

13. Tales from the Public Domain: Bound by Law? by Keith Aoki, James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins

For all of us who create and use books, online media and more, knowing the basics of copyright law and protection is important. As someone who has worked extensively in libraries in the past, and hopes to do so again, I also find the topic interesting, so when I came across this comic strip/graphic non-fiction work from Duke University‘s law department, explaining (precisely for those of us who are online as consumers and/or producers) the basics of copyright and fair use (specifically in reference to US law, but with wider value) I really appreciated it. It’s well enough done to be worth a look even if you think you don’t care about this topic. Highly recommended by me!


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