Distracted, undistracted

What I had actually meant for yesterday’s post (before I got philosophical) was to mention the other crocheting I did during my mother’s visit, which was to make a couple of dishcloths for her, after she expressed her surprise and pleasure at how useful they were.
Blue Crazy Cloth dishcloth
Well, as I’ve said/shown before, they’re a fun, quick and easy pattern to make, and easy to remember, so on our way out for the day next morning we stopped by the yarn store by the bus station and picked up a ball of cotton yarn she liked, and a crochet hook, which was unfortunately bigger than it should have been, as I was thinking of hooks I needed rather than of a hook for this project. That means the cloth is rather looser than the ones I’ve made in the past, so it’s not really suitable for its alternate use as a potholder, which is how we tend to use them. However my mother specifically seems to like them as proper dishcloths, for washing dishes and wiping surfaces, so that’s probably okay. I got two cloths out of one ball of yarn (done thicker the second one might go into another ball, which is part of why several of mine in the past are two-tone), doing most of them on the bus as we travelled about.

I suppose I should branch out and try some other dishcloth patterns, especially if I have more people converted to the idea of actually using them, but I do like this pattern a lot, so we’ll see, I suppose!


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