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NaBloPoMo August logo21. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

This is the second of the abridged audiobooks we were given last year and listened to at the beginning of this summer. As with the other, we would like to read the full book at some point, although from speaking to my mother, who just has read the book, it’s not just because of the abridgement that the title is unclear! Wolf Hall (the place) is referred to several times, and even visited once or twice, but it is not a major setting, and the power of those who live there is still for the future by the end of the novel. We all (me, DH and my mother) wonder if there’s a sequel to come.

Even so, I think DH and I were more satisfied with Wolf Hall than with Her Fearful Symmetry. (This was the prize-winner of the two…) We do like well-researched historical novels, and neither of us knew as much about Thomas Cromwell as we felt we should have, once decently into the story. So when money’s not an object and/or we find them second-hand we’ll probably be looking for a decent biography of the man, as well as a copy of this book.

Anyway, the novel takes us through from Cromwell’s youth to his middle-age, from ‘humble beginnings’ through to being Chief Minister to the King (Henry VIII) and aristocratic rank. We see his relatively short but apparently happy marriage, and his ongoing interactions with many many famous names of history. Definitely an influential man!


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