Some crafty purchases

NaBloPoMo August logoNow to show you some of what I bought today.
folded turquoise fabric, turquoise thread and jigsaw playmat squares
On top, lots and lots of turquoise jersey knit cotton (t-shirt material), for that skirt I mentioned yesterday, and a couple of other things I’ll show you if they work. It cost more than I thought, largely because it is more than I thought, since the fabric comes in getting on for twice the width I was expecting (170cm rather than 1m). I still needed the full length for one of those possible projects, but that gives me plenty of ‘practice’ fabric (my sewing experience is limited anyway, especially with stretchy fabric), and I have ideas for things to do with real leftovers anyhow. Even at more than I expected, and with buying matching thread, the total still comes in at less than buying either of the two main things I’m planning on making with it, plus I get the fun and fit (and frustration, which will still be better than clothes shopping) of doing it myself. Now I just have to get on with it!

In a third shop (why would a fabric store sell thread, after all?!) I found some of those jigsaw style playmats (underneath the fabric and thread in the photo above) I’ve seen recommended so many times on Ravelry and elsewhere for blocking with, so we got those too. They’re printed on one side, which I’ll probably try to leave pristine, and use the yellow side for sticking pins in!

The place where we got the thread (and were horrified by the price of the sewing machines – if/when I get one it won’t be that fancy) is a couple of doors from one of our favourite second-hand bookshops, and in there I found a beginner’s guide to patchwork (Take Up Patchwork by Ionne Hammond), which looked like it had clear instructions, good information and helpful pictures, as well as templates and some plausible (for me) patterns, so I got it, of course! (Sorry about the glare on the picture.)
Take Up Patchwork book
I’ve started reading the introduction, and it’s well enough written that I might go straight through and put it on the booklist.


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One Response to “Some crafty purchases”

  1. Libi Astaire Says:

    Hi Kaet,
    Thanks so much for your kind words about The Disappearing Dowry. The second book in the series, The Ruby Spy Ring, has been delayed – but I’m hoping that the reasons for the delay will be resolved soon.
    All the best,
    Libi Astaire

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