Uses for teddy bears

NaBloPoMo August logoThis post really needs photos, but our teddy collection (mostly bears) has been very useful this weekend. My DH wanted to show me what a six-player game of Risk was like, so we double-soloed it (each of us controlling 3 players, but often discussing who should do what), with Lily, Yudel, Smudge, Sam, Perach and Yehuda as the players on Friday evening. Then on Saturday afternoon we played Castle Risk the same way (except that the unnamed little koala replaced Yudel).

Sam won both games, and interestingly, he’s the one with nearly a quarter-century’s experience (that’s how long my DH has had him, and Sam’s always helped with game soloing in this manner).

Tonight I cut into all that fabric I bought, to make a simple stretchy wrap for baby-wearing, and Smudge (as the most human shaped of the lot) has been acting as practice model. I think we’ll need a lot of practice before anyone who can’t be dropped gets worn in it, though! (As my DH said, “Smudge is a very brave bear.”)

So that’s this weekend’s crafting too, although getting to make something by roughly measuring and then cutting a not-very-straight line seems excessively easy! 😉

I’m going to post this now, as I haven’t even taken any of the pictures I need (the games were on Shabbat, so none got taken then), but I’ll plan to add some in later.


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