Braving the elements

NaBloPoMo August logo(Apropos of yesterday’s post, the teddies are playing another game of Castle Risk, and we’re taking progress photos, so I can add some exemplary ones after that.)

22. Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling

I was thinking of this as a reread (and it is), but apparently my previous time through was actually the Librivox audiobook. This copy must be one my DH had, although I’m not convinced he’s ever read it (or seen the film).

I’m amusedly thinking that this would be a classic for a boy’s school to dramatise (one, maybe two very minor female parts, which could probably be entirely left out if need be), and a definite ‘Boy’s Own’ type adventure. It also mostly centres around what could be one basic set (the inside and outside of the fishing boat We’re Here). Still, it doesn’t ignore the emotions involved on all sides.

This is very much a book set at a very particular time – Harvey’s father is a millionaire in the new fast-travel industries of rail and steamships, but ship-to-shore communications are either non-existant, or only for the wealthiest and fanciest ships – certainly not something a fishing vessel could afford, even when away from home for months on end, as these are. The prevalent attitudes, then, while not exactly politically correct today (and I have no problem with reasonable political correctness) are easily assigned to that time and the cultures described.


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2 Responses to “Braving the elements”

  1. originalliterature Says:

    I have seen the film but I’ve not read the book yet. When once I started to, for whatever reason it just bored me. My strong suspicion was that I was in the wrong frame of mind. The same thing happened with Stevenson’s Treasure Island which I later reread and loved.

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    […] Kaet's Weblog My crochet, reading, and other cultural outlets. « Braving the elements […]

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