Beavering away

NaBloPoMo August logoStill s-l-o-w-l-y working on the pad refurbishment from yesterday. I have a picture of the four that are done, but am on my DH’s computer right now, so will add it later, when I’m back on my own. Four-and-a-half done, six-and-a-half to go, and then I really should make myself some more, if I’m not sick of this kind of hand-sewing by then.
ETA picture (although I’m finished the fifth and working on the sixth now, but you get the idea…)
Four cloth menstrual pads, recovered in pale blue.

Thimble, Fingerhut

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s the thing, my index finger gets sore while sewing, but thimbles don’t help, as I don’t push the needle from the end, but grip it between two fingers and push/pull like that. Not sure if this is an error, but I’ve tried using a thimble and didn’t like it. Any ideas?

(Oh, WordPress just offered this Zemanta suggestions service, which I thought I’d try out, and which came up with this thimble image. Not sure I’ll  keep using it, but maybe. Where pictures are of specific projects, however, they will be mine.)


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