Rereading mysteries

NaBloPoMo August logoSo, how is rereading mysteries different from rereading anything else? I know some wouldn’t see the point, since you already know the denouement; others would go straight back (with a decent mystery) and reread to find the clues they had missed or the red herrings they didn’t. After the second time through, though, is it any different from rereading any other novel, even any other book?

You already know I’m a rereader, so can guess that I have no problem going back to a well-written mystery. I enjoy both picking up on things, and reminding myself of the story and sequence.

24. The Disappearing Dowry by Libi Astaire

As I’ve said here before, this is a well-written and well-researched historical mystery, set in early 19th century London among the Jewish community. It seems clear enough to be enjoyable both by those who know Jewish law and custom well, and those who don’t at all, and it uses the narrative voice of a sheltered teenage girl cozily but not cloyingly. I have been looking for the sequel since January (I emailed the publishers last Autumn to find out when it’d be out, and that’s what they said then), but the bookshops don’t have it listed or available yet, annoyingly, so perhaps I should try the publishers again…

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4 Responses to “Rereading mysteries”

  1. Lix Says:

    Thanks for letting me know about whether the bag said anything in braille! And I think you are right about rereading books. I am a massive crime fiction fan and in my youth when I’d worn out the local library collection had no option but to reread. Who did it is a tiny part of the story – it is how and why they did it and were found out that is the biggy. And if the writing is good it’s a pleasure just to read the words. Do you use It’s the main reason I hardly ever reread anymore. So easy to get new titles while only paying for postage. I really think it is a genius system.

  2. Libi Astaire Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the second volume in the Ezra Melamed Mystery series – The Ruby Spy Ring – is now on sale at the Targum Press web site:
    Unfortunately, the page takes forever to load.

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