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NaBloPoMo August logo25. Taking on the World by Ellen MacArthur

My DH and I had been talking about long-distance sailing when I picked this up again, and continued to do while I reread it. Our sailing experience is rather different from each other’s, and certainly different from MacArthur’s; neither of us ever really got into racing, although I did represent my school – once – in a Mirror. (Since mine wasn’t the kind of school that supported such things, but did hear about them, this was a case of an announcement being made that anyone who sailed the appropriate dinghies and wanted to go along should put their names down, and then they paired the two of us who did up – we never sailed together in practice or again, and came nowhere in the race.)

So, while we’re impressed with the endurance MacArthur shows in the book (and in what I’ve read of her elsewhere), we still aren’t planning on racing, although we do need to get in a boat together at some point!


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