Scissors as specialists

NaBloPoMo August logoI really don’t do multi-purpose scissors. We do own a couple more pairs than are represented here (in particular my hair scissors, which I don’t quite recall the location of) but these are the ones that get used on a regular basis, and woe betide the person (not my DH, who quite gets this) who goes to use the wrong ones…

scissors 001

So, from left, these are:

  1. my fabric shears (which also get used for yarn and thread, because I can’t always be bothered switching to the little ones in the middle;
  2. my secateurs (mostly used for trimming the stems of cut flowers, but also useful when taming outdoor plants which try to prevent one leaving your home);
  3. my nail scissors (above the secateurs);
  4. the thread scissors which came with the fabric shears, and which I really don’t actually use all that often, but which turned up while I was looking for my errant hair scissors);
  5. my food scissors (using scissors on food is a trick I learned from my mother – so much easier than using knives on everything from nuts to pizza – but which has obviously caught on among other people too, considering one can buy them marked ‘Dairy’, ‘Meat’ or ‘Pareve’ for the kosher market, and these even come apart so you can clean them fully, but actually work properly when put back together again);
  6. my paper scissors

Thankfully they’re all fairly different in appearance (and mostly kept in different places, according to their function and most useful place) so they don’t tend to get mixed up. I’m sure most crafters, at least, have specialist scissors which mayn’t be used for anything else – how about the rest of you?


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