Finished the blanket sample

Well, I ran out of yarn, and therefore brought the blanket sample to a close. Not at all sure what I’m going to do with it, as it’s too small for a blanket, and too synthetic for a trivet (which the size and shape and thickness would otherwise make it great for).

Petal piece (top) in four colours

Oh well, whatever I end up using it for (in my garish colour combinations), I can show you how to use up every scrap of yarn by changing colours mid-way through the increase (flat) rounds, rather than in the more visible petal rounds.

back of petal piece, with unevenly coloured rows visible

In the bottom left section of the first picture, you can see where I’ve used up the purple on part of the increase round, even after the first petal round in yellow, but none of the other partial rows are noticeable (and I didn’t hide them).

Edging close-up

You may also notice that instead of ending with a petal round in both loops of an increase round, I finished out with a round of petals in the back loops only, where another had been in the front loops. This was because I didn’t have enough yarn for the extra row, but may even work better (particularly because of the tendancy of the petals to hug the centre of the piece). I’m thinking about going back and changing the instructions, or at least offering this alternative.


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