Stitching back and forth

31. The Penelopeiad by Margaret Atwood
Cover image of The Penelopiad
It has been awhile since this one. It must have been back in the summer, when my DH started blogging about the Odyssey. I told him about this book, and then decided to reread it myself (it’s fairly short). Admittedly, I don’t think I’ve read the Odyssey properly myself (I have read the Iliad in full translation), but I have a broad enough education to know the basic story, and have learned a lot by talking it over with my DH as he blogs about it. (I’ve been reading his commentary as well, of course!)

I read and discussed this book back in 2008 and part of what interests me, as always, is how the context of other things I’m reading, doing, and thinking about affects my perceptions of a current book. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten some of what I meant to say about it this time, but I was much more focussed on Homeric literature this time, and how Atwood fit in with the tradition or not. Perhaps because of that, I noticed the modernness much more this time. Homer it’s not, but it’s not really trying to be, either. I still enjoy it, a lot.

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