My first Bookmooch Journal

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So I told you a short while ago that we joined Bookmooch, and that’s been going quite well – we’ve sent off a fair few books we didn’t especially want to keep, for whatever reason, which freed up some shelf space, and we’ve started receiving some books we did want, either definitely to keep, or to read and then decide. (There are currently 33 books available in our Inventory, if you’re interested, and 241 on our Wishlist, which has expanded from the things we definitely wanted to several things that simply sounded intriguing, since our points total began rising.)

It came to my notice that Bookmooch has its own system of travelling journals, or books that a self-selecting variety of contibutors create sequentially, and since there were a few available here in Israel, (so that it’d arrive faster and take one point rather than two) I thought I’d try getting one, to see was I interested in doing any more, before making a big(ish) commitment of time and effort while looking after a small baby.

Well, that first one, The Literary Guild Reader’s Journal, arrived today, and it really didn’t take me long to read all the previous entries and add my own, so it’s now relisted and available to other Bookmoochers!

It’s a collection of contributors’ lists and descriptions of favourite books, and musings on preferred authors, and I enjoyed adding a few pages of my thoughts, so I’ve mooched a few more journals that were local. If those go well I’ll have to go for some that are overseas.

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