Some great board books

We’ve been given a set of gorgeous board books to read to our baby, which we’re enjoying doing! She’s not really ready to pay attention or to get the idea of stories or anything (she’s only just over a month old, after all!), but there’s only one way for her to learn, right?

Oh, I’m adding these to my reading list, so I can review them, but will obviously only do so once in a given year. The fact that they’ll likely get read umpteen times each validates that, I think. I may end up waiting awhile to review them in 2011, so I can give some approximation of DD‘s reaction, while the response now is entirely mine (and sometimes DH‘s).

Cover of

Cover of Snuggle Puppy (Boynton on Board)

55. Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton

This is the only board book we’ve been given so far that isn’t specifically meant to be a bedtime story. Instead, as the subtitle suggests, it is “A Love Song”, from a parent (by the pictures and sentiments, although it doesn’t have to be) to a child. It’s very validating, and possibly our favourite so far. (Probably helped by the fact that we haven’t tried to set up a bedtime routine yet, let alone an actual bedtime!)

The pictures show an anthropomorphised adult dog and puppy – thus the name of the book – but ‘snuggle baby’ fits the rhythm just as well, for anyone who’d prefer to recite it to their child that way.

Cover of Pajama Time

Cover of Pajama Time

56. Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton

For something so very statedly a bedtime book, this is very active in both theme and rhythm (not to mention the suggested actions). It’s very good fun, however, and I can imagine many toddlers finding the pictures hilarious. I also guess that not every child or every evening is suited to the calming, soothing tale or poem.

I hadn’t come across Sandra Boynton myself before we were sent these three books, but I’d happily look out for more of hers, going by these two. The illustrations are great, and fit perfectly with the text (as one might expect of an author-illustrator), and there’s lots to appreciate for both adult and child.

Cover of "Good Night, Mr. Night"

Cover of Good Night, Mr. Night

57. Good Night, Mr. Night by Dan Yaccarino

This is definitely one of the quiet, soothing type of bedtime books. It’s also the only one we have so far that is fully in prose, and because of that I sometimes try to fit a rhythm to it, unsuccessfully until now at least! Unlike the others, it’s told in the voice of the child recognising that night has come, and it’s time for the world to sleep, until morning comes, when Mr Night will sleep instead.

Cover of "Goodnight Moon"

Cover of Goodnight Moon

59. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Clement Hurd

We received this one today, when I was already halfway through the draft of this post, but it certainly fits, as another beautiful board book that I hope (and expect) our DD will greatly enjoy in a short while. It certainly looks to be a classic (first published in 1947) for good reason. I had heard of it, of course, but I don’t think I’d come across it directly myself. I’m getting the impression being a parent is going to be a really great excuse to appreciate the best of old and new books for young children!


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