Storyless board books

NaBloPoMo Jan2011So, the next set of board books to discuss (and we don’t actually currently own any more to discuss, although with the new year and booklist, I could talk about them again whenever I feel like it). Unlike the others, none of these contains stories; these are anthologies of pictures on a stated theme, with descriptive captions.

Cover of Happy Baby Day

Cover of Happy Baby Day

64. Happy Baby Day by Roger Priddy

All of these books are realistically aimed at rather older babies and toddlers, since that’s the age to be paying better attention to books, but it’s more noticeable in this one, that actually includes pictures for the child to identify with, of young children playing, eating, bathing and going to bed, and of some of the actions and objects that would commonly be involved in these activities. To be honest, all of the children photographed here look like boys, in as much as such young kids are distinguishable, which makes me wonder was there an equivalent girls’ version (we got all of these via Bookmooch), although I really don’t see why such a distinction is relevant, especially at such a young age.

Cover of Les couleurs65. Les Couleurs by Pierre-Marie Valat

As could be guessed from the title, this one is highlighting the colours, in French. It’s very nicely designed and engineered, using cut-outs to show how the colours featured primarily on one page can also be part of the object that is mostly relevant to another. The French is decidedly easy and obvious, even if one didn’t know the language and/or wanted to translate it on the fly.

Cover of First Mighty Movers66. First Mighty Movers

Each double-page-spread has subtitled pictures of a related group of vehicles, from Cars to Trucks, via Trains, Ships, Emergency Vehicles and more. The pictures are clear and bright, with pretty precise labels on each one, apart from the ship they have marked as a yacht, which is actually a three-masted frigate or full rigged ship, or more generically these days a tall ship! (That’s the only one that’s not (primarily) a motorised vehicle in the book – no bicycles here!)


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