Folding and attaching

NaBloPoMo Jan2011I feel like I’ve done nothing crafty in months, and despite reading right through both of these books during that time I really haven’t followed up by doing any of the projects taught/suggested in either. That shouldn’t be taken as a reflection on either book, since I certainly thought about doing things from both, but just haven’t really been in the mood so much of late.

Cover of The Ultimate Papercraft and Origami Book

Cover of The Ultimate Papercraft and Origami Book

30. The Ultimate Papercraft and Origami Book by Paul Jackson and Angela A’Court

This is a large and long book with lots and lots of fairly simple but very diverse paper projects. Cutting, tearing, folding and sticking skills will all be put to good use in making things decorative, fun and useful. Decidedly a family book (rather than being aimed just at either children or the adult crafter) that I can see enjoying with my little girl in a few years.

Cover of Take Up Patchwork

Cover of Take Up Patchwork

42. Take Up Patchwork by Ionne Hammond

I actually want to try out the patchwork and quilting techniques in this book (most of them, anyway), but for some reason I feel a greater need for a teacher with this than I did with crochet. I think I just need to a) learn to use a sewing machine and b) get over my fear of cutting into large pieces of new fabric without being sure I can turn them into something worthwhile. Crochet didn’t incur that fear, since it doesn’t require cutting anything up, and one can always rip out and start again. (I learnt to crochet on cotton string, so didn’t even have to worry about damage to delicate fibres.)

As to the book itself – it includes a variety of small sized projects using a range of techniques, so I imagine making a few of the projects would be a great learning process in sewing generally and patchwork and quilting more specifically. The fabrics and colours in the illustrations aren’t necessarily ones I would choose to use, but then changing those is the easiest possible customisation going!


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3 Responses to “Folding and attaching”

  1. phrogmom Says:

    i’d like to be blog buddies, if you are interested!!

  2. yelenam Says:

    kaet, thanks for the review of the origami book! I’ve added it to my Amazon wishlist. I haven’t done origami in a while, but now that my son is old enough to be interested in the process and even help me fold and crease, I’m going to do it again.

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