Cover of "No Time for Sergeants"

Cover of No Time for Sergeants

NaBloPoMo Jan2011I haven’t been reading enough comedy lately, so here’s a new one for me, although it’s hardly newly published.

63. No Time For Sergeants by Mac Hyman

I may not have laughed continuously while reading this book, but since I did laugh out loud at least once every page or two, I’d certainly class it as a funny one! It’s largely the classic story of a country bumpkin being brought to the city, and while he seems a fool to the sophisticates around him, he ignores their teasing and turns out to be at least occasionally successful and insightful.

In this version, young Will Stockdale is of age to be drafted, and while he doesn’t mind the idea too much, his father puts up enough resistance to get him off to a really bad start…

While this book certainly hasn’t had the cultural impact of Joseph Heller‘s Catch-22, the setting and humour remind me of that book. This isn’t that kind of satire, and there aren’t the bawdy jokes and subplots, but the military setting and characters-come-stereotypes are certainly reminiscent one of the other.


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