NaBloPoMo Jan2011This was a story book offered by the same person on BookMooch from whom I requested the Dr Seuss and Richard Scarry books discussed yesterday. I hadn’t heard of it before, but am pleased I took the chance on it.

Cover of

Cover of The Well-Mannered Balloon

9. The Well-Mannered Balloon by Nancy Willard

This is the story of James, who gets a balloon one day, and that night discovers it isn’t as well-behaved as his parents imagine…

Published in 1976, the pictures in this aren’t in full-colour; the balloon is portrayed in blue, as on the cover, against otherwise black and white illustrations. It’d probably suit a newish reader, but it’d also be fun to read aloud, with font size used to indicate voice tone, and a small amount of repetition.


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3 Responses to “Manners”

  1. Yelena Says:

    Twice the thanks for this post! First, for a link to BookMooch – looks like a great site and I might try it. Second, for the book itself – sounds just like a story my little one will enjoy!

  2. hakea Says:

    Would this book be suitable as a read-aloud for playgroup (3 to 5 years)?

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