Cunningly uncrafty

There’s a great Youtube video I found awhile back about making baby leggings from adult ankle socks.

I was going to follow it up with these pretty socks (actually for a 7 year old child) we were given, since it’s pretty cold here at the moment, but decided that for now it’s easier just to cheat!Baby in stockings

We turned them upside-down and the heels just about fit at her knees!

Running really late tonight for today’s post so I’ll publish now and keep looking for that video to link in later. – Found it! Did the embedding work?


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2 Responses to “Cunningly uncrafty”

  1. Yelena Says:

    Well, you know my issue with crafting and trying to make something to look just like on a picture 🙂 Kudos to you for the uncrafting idea!!! It looks great, works just as well, and saves plenty of time to enjoy other things in life.

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