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So, I told you about the first BookMooch Journal we’d had, but I haven’t told you about any of the others, and since we just received a whole new stack of them yesterday, it behoves me to catch you up on some of the ones we’ve already sent on before I get to these. I think I’ll start a new page listing the ones we’ve seen and added to, for my own convenience as much as anything! More information about how these journals work can be found there. (The list includes the journals newly come into our possession, even though I haven’t as yet had the chance to look inside them – there are four I’m currently in a position to discuss, although I may not get to all of them tonight.)

Cover of Altaired Images Journal

Cover of Altaired Images Journal

BMJournal Altaired Images – a handbook

As may be seen from the slideshow of completed or partially completed pages in this journal (to be found on the page linked above), this one is all images, unlike the others which tend (in my current experience) mostly to text. It’s based on the commercially available books of line images for colouring as the fancy takes you, and each participant is asked to do precisely that on one (or possibly more) page before sending it on. Anyone who can colour within lines can use their imagination on this one, and come up with a picture of interest. It looks like this one is not currently available, but you can certainly wishlist it!

Cover of BMJournal Surf and surfing

Cover of BMJournal Surf and surfing

BMJournal Surf and surfing

This is a fairly new journal (I was the second participant, and it looks like it’s still with the third, but again, can be wishlisted) and I haven’t yet been surfing, although the information provided by others may actually get me started, once I’m ready. Looking forward to that a lot!

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One Response to “More Journals”

  1. Yelena Says:

    Ooh, I love the first journal you mention, the Altaired Images. Actually, this is what I used to do (in my before-Rocket Boy life) – would draw random lines and then color them in. This kept me entertained through college and my notebooks were the best-looking ones for sure.

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