Crocheting again at last!

purple freeform motif shawl
So, here’s the shawl in progress. I’m making motifs from Edie Eckman‘s Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, with some edging inspiration from Betty Barnden‘s The Crochet Stitch Bible and making a hodge-podge batwing shawl. I do find a little structural guidance useful in my freeform crochet work. (There are more pictures on the Ravelry project page.)

By the way, I’m really sorry if anyone was looking for a March NatCroMo/ItCroMo pattern from me this year, but between the new baby distraction meaning I didn’t come up with anything and then being offline even if I had it just wasn’t to be this year. The Party group on Ravelry is doing a Freeform daily CAL, however, which I’m hoping to join in on now that I’ve at least read all the email I missed (there are a lot of blog and forum posts still to catch up on, however).

Anyway, the current plan with the shawl is to continue the series of smaller motifs along the bottom, and then to do some more edging rows to give it more shape and coherence. I think the front sections could do with being longer, too, when the shawl is on.

This is intended as a gift for the wonderful doula who helped with DD’s birth. Without her, I’m quite sure we’d have ended up in surgery for a Caesarian, and I really really didn’t want one of those unnecessarily.


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4 Responses to “Crocheting again at last!”

  1. phrogmom Says:

    wow!! that is going to be AMAZING!!

  2. diannajessie Says:

    Your crocheting is brilliant, well done, I would love to know how.

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