Taking advantage of books for the baby!

There was a sale in one of the bookshops we passed locally a week or two ago, and we picked up a couple of Hebrew language board books while we were there because while we’re only speaking English to our little girl, she does need to become fluent in Hebrew.

33. מספרים (Misparim – Numbers)

I can’t seem to find either this edition or the French original (from Editions Gallimard Jeunesse) online, but this is a simple little book with colourful pictures and well placed cut-outs where each page shows the picture and words (although not the figures, which appear only on the front cover) for a given number. So one balloon, two shoes, etc.



Cover of ברוזונים

Cover of ברוזונים

34. ברוזונים (Barvezonim – Ducklings)


This appears to be the Hebrew version of this book by Roger Priddy. It’s very nicely done, with detailed clear and attractive pictures of ducks and ducklings, with a couple of sentences to go with each. A good bit of the vocabulary here was actually new to us too, as we’d never tried to discuss poultry in Hebrew (beyond declining to eat it, being as we’re vegetarians)!


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2 Responses to “Taking advantage of books for the baby!”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    I love the idea of children growing up bilingual. We’re so monolingual in NZ, it’s not funny. Even with the increase in Maori language usage, it’s still English, English, English. Do you and your DH speak Hebrew?

    • kaet Says:

      We both speak French better, although we can usually get by. I’ll be doing a course in the spring (I’d be finishing it about now if I hadn’t been near the end of my pregnancy about when I’d have otherwise started).

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