Too sad

I’m trying to do a book review but it’s just not coming out. With the news of a family, including a baby the same age as my own, being slaughtered in their beds really not all that far from here over the weekend, coming on top of the many earthquakes in the last month that have killed tens of thousands around the Pacific just in the last month (e.g. Japan, New Zealand, China) I just can’t say anything that’s actually about the books.


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3 Responses to “Too sad”

  1. phrogmom Says:

    whaaaaaat? that is terrible! world events are certainly disturbing of late. *hugs*

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    Indeed…whaaaaaat? I haven’t heard of the murders, and you’re right about the unsettled earth. Hugs from me, too.

  3. kaet Says:

    Thanks both of you. We have to go on, but sometimes we also need to stop and let such things sink in for awhile, I think.

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