In the beginning

This is one of those prize books I got awhile back.

Cover of Mrs Honig's Cakes

Cover of Mrs Honig's Cakes

25. Mrs Honig’s Cakes 1 by Pessie Frankel and Yocheved Leah Perkal

These stories have been running in the children’s section of the English language Hamodia for several years now, and they seem to be very popular. The framing story each week/fortnight involves a recurring set of little girls visiting the eponymous Mrs Honig, who provides cake and a story calculated to fit the current issues in their lives. The moral each time is fairly overt, without completely thumping you over the head. There are four or five collections of the stories by now, and I was interested to see the first couple, which set the scene of the recurring characters. I do think the writers have got better since these first stories (which is a good thing!), and there was a little stiltedness in parts of this book. They’re still generally fun stories, however, in an orthodox Jewish context.


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