Crochet musings

I finished the dishcloth on the way to meet the recipient, and forgot to take a photo of it complete, but the one I took before is only missing a couple of rows. I need to get back to the shawl, and then I think it’s time to make something else for my little girl. Soakers would be useful, and I’m thinking a pair or two of longies would go well with a little denim dress we were given for her, until the weather warms up enough for her to go bare-legged. I wish I’d made her a little cowl already, as I can’t imagine putting a scarf on such a little neck, but if it hasn’t been really necessary yet this winter, I doubt it will be.

I was given some absolutely beautiful handspun, and I’m dithering about what to make of it. It’s too fine for a soaker (at least all the ones I’ve seen online are made with fairly thick yarns), but I could make her a skirt to go with it. Not sure would there be enough for a dress for her, but maybe…

Would it be too distracting from Pesach cleaning to go through my WIPs and decide what I’m doing with them?


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2 Responses to “Crochet musings”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum Says:

    You’re so energetic! It’s fabulous, and means I don’t have to do so much – I can just live vicariously through you until my beans return. (Have you seen them anywhere?)

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