My prize?

This is another of the prize books I got a couple of months ago, and another I’d read parts of as columns in the paper I won them from. I actually chose all their parenting books I could, since that’s a current major topic of interest to me, and even if I don’t always agree with everything in a given book, different perspectives and ideas are useful to think about.

Cover of Polishing Diamonds50. Polishing Diamonds by Rabbi Dovid Kaplan

This book is pretty much entirely addressing the parents and teachers of school age children, so it’s not directly relevant to me right now (since DD is just four months old and I no longer work in a school and wasn’t a class teacher when I did). Still, R’ Kaplan is an engaging writer, and I’m getting the impression that thinking ahead is probably a very good idea in this parenting lark!

He nearly always introduces the issue/point with a story or two, and doesn’t shy away from controversial ideas. (One debate that only has his articles in this book but that I remember getting quite heated on the letters page was over the relationship of parents and teachers, including how often, when and how they contact each other, as well as gifts or personal incentives from parents to teachers. The author recommends lots of friendly contact.) One very popular series of columns that appears as chapters in the book are his ‘Anec-dos and Anec-don’ts’, where a set of short incidents of good or bad parenting is given, each followed by R’ Kaplan’s comment and suggestions for similar situations.

While many/most of the issues are not specific to orthodox Jews, that is the perspective from which and for which R’ Kaplan is writing.


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One Response to “My prize?”

  1. yelenam Says:

    You’re so right about the whole “planning ahead” thing! And thank you for the review. I’m going to check if our library has a copy (or can request it through an inter-library loan).

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