More crochet!

So I’m still on the same yarn, making more things for DD. I’ve mentioned a couple of times here that I want to make some wool soakers for her, and I even have some perfect wool for it, but here I am doing it first in acrylic! Apparently it should work…

I don’t know how well this is going to fit, but I think it’s on the big side, so she can grow into it. I haven’t started sewing it up, because I’m improvising a second, thicker layer for extra protection in the ‘wet zone’ (just a rectangle of DC (UK – SC in US) that isn’t in the pattern. It may be completely unnecessary, but for the first time I’d rather be safe than sorry!

If I’m really efficient I’ll get this finished for tomorrow, and get DD to model the moebius scarf at the same time!

NB Flickr have messed up their sharing feature, meaning that I can’t seem to get the URL for the actual picture, so I’m having to blog via Flickr, and then fix the post on WordPress. If there’s bizarre formatting in the post please refresh in a couple of minutes!


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