Spring cleaning startitis

Still on the crochet, and in theory I was sorting out the cupboards-ful of crochet projects and yarn. I found one hibernating project that I hadn’t previously photographed

square spiral multicoloured blanket
a cotton baby blanket the yarn for which I decided could be put to better uses as a summer dress for DD. I’ve only just begun it, obviously, but here’s a taster of what it’s intended to look like, colourwise at least.
crochet stripes
I was looking for a pattern to adapt to what I had in mind, and found one or two I may also make, but decided to try winging this. I am taking notes on what I’m doing, just in case it’s nice enough that I or anyone else might ever want to repeat it.

I haven’t frogged the blanket yet, but will presuming I get to wanting the yarn for the dress.

I haven’t yet, but I’m also thinking hard about another dress for DD and a hat for me…


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2 Responses to “Spring cleaning startitis”

  1. knotrune Says:

    That sounds like my kind of spring cleaning 🙂 Easily distracted!

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