Moving Favourites

Cover of Moving Molly54. Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes

I was excited to find this available to me on BookMooch, as I remembered it fondly from my own childhood, and it didn’t disappoint when reading it to DD. While the pictures and incidents came back to me as I read it, I had forgotten how relatively long this story is; DD seemed quiet and attentive for the whole thing however, which I was impressed with.

While the core of the story is Molly and her family moving from one home to another, there is far more to this than a simple, “Molly and her family were moving house. A van came to move their furniture. See their new house and garden.” Instead we have a much more nuanced tale of a roughly-four-years-old child’s perspective on the old home and what it was like there, what the actual moving day (and the ones before and after it) entails, and her finding a place and activities for herself in the new one.

In my opinion the story here is good, but it’s the pictures which make it great. They tell significant parts of the tale, and give much fertile ground to go further into it. (Oh, Molly’s parents and she herself are keen gardeners, although her elder brother and sister aren’t shown to have much interest in plants.)

While this might well be useful in getting a child used to some of the issues involved in moving house, it’s well worth the read even if you never do (and my mother still lives in the house we had when I was born).


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2 Responses to “Moving Favourites”

  1. hakea Says:

    Sounds delightful. Thanks for the review.

    I’m going to have to check out the Shirley Hughes range of books.

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