Time for bouncing

60. Bounce Bounce Bounce: A Lap Game Book for Babies by Kathy Henderson, illustrated by Carol Thompson

This isn’t a story, and it isn’t entirely a structured game either. Realistically I think DD is too little for it, and we may do better with it in about a year, or even more, when she’s running, jumping, pushing boundaries and more. Each double page features first a sentence and picture describing and showing ‘correct’ behaviour with a piece of furniture or common object, and then the second shows and describes a more active and sometimes (depending on the family and its rules) a boundary pushing way of using it. So the first page says, “Chairs are for sitting on.” The pictures shows a woman sitting on an armchair, stroking a cat on her lap, while the little boy shown throughout sits at her feet with a toy in his lap. The next page’s text reads, “Bounce bounce bounce!” and shows the toddler bouncing with his toy on the armchair while the cat flees.

I think this is one we’ll keep back for later.


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4 Responses to “Time for bouncing”

  1. hakea Says:

    Kids do love to bounce – floor, beds, chairs, your tummy, siblings – anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

    I like the sound of this book. It would be great to read at playgroup.

    What other scenarios are in the book, apart from the armchair?

    • kaet Says:

      (Sorry this has taken so long – I mislaid the book in all our rearrangements.)

      The settings are: the bed, teddies, clothes, saucepans, washing water, cribs, and parents. I think it might be good for what you’ve said about your playgroup.

      • hakea Says:

        Thanks kaet. The kids at playgroup love to have books read to them that show other kids being naughty.

        There is a book called “No David No! by David Shannon and kids and parents loved it. It was about a little boy getting up to mischief with a devilish smile on his face and his mum screaming “no David”.

      • kaet Says:

        Oh good, another one to look out for!

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